How Self-Acceptance is a Form of Activism

I am truly overwhelmed and engulfed by the election, and in order to somewhat compose my emotions, I have turned to art – as it is one of the few ways I can comprehend tragedy. When I feel that my sense of self is distorted, and when I am unable to fathom certain events as they feel much too surreal, I immerse myself in the idiosyncratic art form that is David Bowie. He has allowed me to realise that no feeling is eternal, despite its intensity. In times of adversity – where we, as a society, are confronted with hateful, horrific, and offensive behaviours – we must remember that nothing is truly perpetual. I insist that we mourn, that we feel, that we enter a realm of emotion. Activism does not purely consist of action, or fostering change. It is crucial that we allow ourselves to heal, and that we do not view activism and self-care as mutually exclusive; we must portray them as intertwined entities instead.

I am a believer that healing is the first step to orchestrating a revolution. Self-acceptance (which can pose as a difficulty when the majority of society is intolerant of kindness) is activism in itself. Rejoicing in the cathartic art form of David Bowie has assisted me to realise this. He has allowed me to reconcile my thoughts and emotions, and for me to recognise that our intricacies should unite us, rather than divide us.

We will not be silenced. We will not be shrouded in hate. We will urge for kindness and acceptance. We will continue to exist as layered and diverse individuals. We must bind together and find strength. It is possible. We are possible. I strongly believe that self-acceptance and healing – specifically realising that our complexities serve as a tool for unity, rather than conflict – is the key to peace. Our existences will not be invalidated. We are the revolution.

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