A Message to Aleppo

I cannot begin to fathom the fear and grief that individuals in Aleppo must be experiencing. I wish for peace and Syria’s safety. We can mourn, we can grieve – but we must band together and evoke change. I have provided a link in this post to Amnesty International – an organisation which will urge for justice and will ensure that lives are saved.

It makes me deeply saddened that individuals in Aleppo are voicing their final messages. As the Karam Foundation eloquently states, we must do all in our power to guard and protect civilian life. I call on all individuals to donate, organise, mourn, and advocate – in order to ultimately eradicate war and violence. To all individuals in Aleppo – I am so sorry that your beautiful city has been destroyed, and that precious human lives have been lost. I will vow to amplify the voices of all those who have been affected by war. It makes me horrified to know that the people of Aleppo have become accustomed to egregious forms of violence. I will use my voice as a vehicle to foster change. This cannot continue. I will never be silent and allow hatred to manifest in such horrific forms.

I stand with you.
– L.F

Donate at: https://www.amnesty.org.au/aleppo/

Image via the Karam Foundation

One thought

  1. Hi Lottie, this is Mr. Nick, your sometimes English teacher this year. Bravo for all your heart-felt expressions. Every voice for truth and peace makes the message louder and in your case more articulate and profound. It was an honour to share the classroom with you and a real joy to read your responses to the literature we shared in class. Voices like yours are our greatest hope for the future. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm for peace and justice in our sadly fractured world.

    Warmest regards,
    Mark Nicholson

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